Ultimate Bubble Breaker- RELEASED!

The Powers Apps LLC is excited to announce the release of its first application aptly titled the ‘Ultimate Bubble Breaker.’ This application is a traditional bubble popper game- but with a huge twist! No longer will your genius be held back only having the bubbles ‘fall’ one way. Twist your device on its side and select another set of bubbles to pop and Viola! Gravitational Shift! Hows that for playing god? Now you (aka God of Gravity) can take more control of the board and reach for new heights on the leader boards! The ‘Ultimate Bubble Breaker’ puts all other bubble popping games to shame- one dimensional gravity, please, these days even tvs are coming out with 3D!

Check us out at the Android App store for our free and paid versions by clicking on the following link: https://market.android.com/developer?pub=ThePowerApps+LLC

What, still here? What are you scared of?!


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I am a freshly minted college graduate who is now blazing her trail in the real world. By blazing of course I mean living with my boyfriend in the basement of his parents house, making minimum payments on my student loans, and working as a receptionist. I am ready to share some of my day-in and day-out adventures of trying to find a way to stay sane and happy.

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