Ultimate Bubble Breaker gets Featured Again!

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This is our review from the top site in the industry for Android app reviews, Androidtapp.com, and we could not be more excited to get such constructive feedback! Here is just some of the positive feedback:

“Ultimate Bubble Breaker will be addicting to those who enjoy classic bubble breaker games.”

“Ultimate Bubble Breaker is your classic bubble breaker game with a twist. In classic bubble breaker games the bubbles always fall one way; straight down. In ultimate Bubble Breaker the bubbles fall differently based on how you are holding the device you are playing it on.”

Thank you to the guys from Android Tapp for posting this. Hope all you fans get a chance to check them out!


The First Review of Ultimate Bubble Breaker hits YouTube!

The first review of Ultimate Bubble Breaker has hit YouTube!! Review conducted by, Derek De La Cruz “Androiduser2008″

Now’s the time to download the lite version from the Android Market and try it for yourself!! If you think you can handle unbreakable bubbles, be sure to purchase the full version!

Remarks from Derek De La Cruz “Androiduser2008″ include”:
– “…this game has a little twist to it.”

– “…very very simple, very addicting.”

– “…nice little additions makes it unique to other bubble breakers.”

– “…anyone can play this game.”

– “…great way to use the sensor of the phone.”

For the full YouTube review, follow the link to Derek De La Cruz “Androiduser2008″ YouTube Channel.

Ultimate Bubble Breaker- RELEASED!

The Powers Apps LLC is excited to announce the release of its first application aptly titled the ‘Ultimate Bubble Breaker.’ This application is a traditional bubble popper game- but with a huge twist! No longer will your genius be held back only having the bubbles ‘fall’ one way. Twist your device on its side and select another set of bubbles to pop and Viola! Gravitational Shift! Hows that for playing god? Now you (aka God of Gravity) can take more control of the board and reach for new heights on the leader boards! The ‘Ultimate Bubble Breaker’ puts all other bubble popping games to shame- one dimensional gravity, please, these days even tvs are coming out with 3D!

Check us out at the Android App store for our free and paid versions by clicking on the following link: https://market.android.com/developer?pub=ThePowerApps+LLC

What, still here? What are you scared of?!

What level of Ultimate Bubble Breaker can you handle?

Be the first of your friends to completely clear the field, while avoiding and working around the brick Unbreakable Bubbles!Use the lite version to test your strategy and when you are ready for a real challenge, purchase the full version and unlock brick unbreakable bubbles. Not everyone can handle the bricks so choose your difficulty wisely between medium and hard modes.

Use the gravity flip between portrait and landscape orientation to your advantage to build a strategy that will leave you with the high score!

Dont forget to plan your next move or an Unbreakable Brick Bubble might stand in your way preventing you from completely clearing the field, and achieving the high score!

Download the full version from the Android Market when you are ready for a real challenge!